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Ebenezer Leyva: if the dragons return .

By María Esther Ortiz


Fairy (technical mixta)       

It is possible that we see the dragons return, if Ebenezer Leyva opens the door certain night of principles of May, and with the persistent wind, the light of the zenithal lamp trembles and it allows us to see this San Jorge of fine lance and cavalier expression, turned to a conquered dragon of beauty that looks for with its immortal view a homage to Angel Acosta León, there among the last shades of that fantástic space[i ]. And that it is the last of the dragons of the series that in passed December, the painter summoned in an exhibition: all the other ones have left. Or to the hunter masked to half face that reveals in their nakedness that the ties or the personal punishments, or the thirst of beauty, or the traps and the same man's nets, they can be done with something of that pity that purifies and it grows, because it assumes and it tolerates, because waits of yes the continuous perfection.

  Has returned angels, dragons, the wheel of the destination, the powerful coffeepots from the excess of its perseverance in the yellow light of the corner of the four roads, the traveler's help, habit of a bigger Street and its prodigies. It has returned the serenity of the guardian one of the house, appeared when it arrived in Matanzas and it found room and shop; and that he wanted to put on makeup so that we could know it, with their look following us in all addresses, with their power and effectiveness of the good love to the life, to their signs.

[i] the work “The wheel of the destination”, mixed Technique, cloth, 1999.



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