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Enelio Suárez: the fourth base.

by María Esther Ortiz

The girl of the pearl (oil /lienzo)

Orlando Rodríguez smiles, Enelio has risen of the table where we are and a moment has come out; then, he tells me: “It was not easy, the boy is a natural baseball player, he has talent, he could have been tremendous player...”

Because we have spoken of ball, of the vocation, of the election. That baseball game that rouses the Cubans and that Enelio practiced, trained by Orlando, the friend that is seeing it draw while he converses. That game that one day, and very early in the youth, made it decide once and for all what he would make in the life: drawings or jonrones. And the trainer smiles when admitting that he always wanted to know how the Director of the School of Art would feel or that of the Superior Institute of Art, every time that they received the applications of the sport licenses...

This artist is a deep observer of people, with a meticulous occupation, demanding in the employment of technical traditional of the painter's kitchen and a passion –compasión, humanity - that doesn't give before the portrait of the paranormal, of the behaviors of the misery or of the magic arquetípica of a model carried out in itself. When enumerating these constants appreciated in their speech, memory that when commenting their expressive interests, I made an appointment Silvio Rodríguez's verses: “I have preferred to speak of the impossible thing, because of the possible thing is known too much.”


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