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Violeta Naranjo: a bridge that won't be crossed.

By María Esther Ortiz

Song without name (tinta/cartulina)

Violeta Naranjo Vázquez, has an unique talent and a special form to express it: she is an artist that draws always to plumilla, all their work it is made with that infinitely committed technique with the meticulous, patient work and preconceived until the smallest detail, before beginning each drawing. An expression form that doesn't admit imprecisiones, errors. The plumilla and the Chinese ink, the universe of the interior landscape, each point of ink is poetry.

With so much wealth in the detail, she choose it without name it is fascinating, the perfection of the horse - the unicorn? - here invoked and repeated inside the fabulación, again opposed, does it force and weakness, run and encounter, ownership and loss, silk and rush, animal and person... animal with soul and absences, woman to the border, in the vortex, only and solitary.

There is never indulgence in the style. There is never a flight resource before the demanding work of the small point, the fine line. She never gives way the precision. The same rigor, in each one of their works, the same unalterable demand. This could lead to the expression of more plane, less complex images, more rationally coded and to overvalue this way, the wealth in the way. In their drawings, it is expression of psychic complexities, of having purified indications on the imprecisión of the emotions, this it is the territory of the evocation.

(Fragments of the same title that appears published in Magazine ARTECUBANO Number 2/2000.)


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