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Palo and Lucumí Organization. December 24, 2003. Updated Dec. 2004 for Year 2005 with very little change.

Consejo for Year 2004 and 2005.
"The letra remains the same for 2005"
Governing Mpungo/Orisha this Coming Year 2004: SHANGO - Siete Rayos

Path: War, Disrespect, Tragedy, Financial Recovery and Prosperity - the letra continues into 2005. A more positive year ahead.

Flag: Red with Yellow or Gold Border. To be placed at the Highest Point in Your Home, or behind front door.

1. Avoid conflicts between Elders and Juniors. Prepare for continued battles and war.

- As the past few years have indicated, War continues. This year Shango get involved. Shango comes to help "his people".
- Avoid any and all battles and wars between Elder and Junior.
- Junior members must act with total respect towards their Elders.
- Elders must not give away their work for free this year. Junior members must pay all "derechos" complete and placed at the foot of Muerto/Eggun or Orisa, or as described by Elder.
- Elders must take their responsibility seriously and stand firm this year with their godchildren and other junior members, although the Elder must continue to be compassionate and understanding.
- Avoid unnecessary battles and wars (conflicts) be it, in the work place, social gatherings, religious gatherings, in family matters and in the home. Show respect to others.
- Clarify misunderstandings by demonstrating patience and respect for one another.
- Continue to be a person of Good and Morale Character.
- Do not drink alcohol this coming year.

2. In this year's reading there is contradiction.

- Prosperity comes but War continues.
- Receive and follow advice from one source this coming year to avoid confusion.
- There will be grave consequences in places where their is uncertainty.
- Avoid traveling abroad to preserve your safety. Stay close to home and stay close to your family.

**- Shango comes this year to take over the disarray of worldly matters that plagues us.
- Elders should dress up Shango with as much red fabric as possible or place him in an altar. He must be located near the front door of the home or facing the front door for everyone to see. Do not hide Shango this year. Reveal him to the World.
- If you are a palero and not crowned in Ocha, dress up your prendas with red colored fabric or place red fabric around the prenda.

***- Shango must not eat separately this year. Whenever Shango gets fed, Eggun must eat with him.
- Shango and Eggun must be fed White Roosters this Year, and every three months.
- Eggun can be fed separately all year long, but when Shango eats, Eggun eats.

note: Shango can be fed rooster along side any prenda.

****- This year give Ochun offerings of very sweet pastries along side of Eggun.
- Do not disperse of Ochun's and Eggun's offerings at the river this year.
- Do not ask for favors of Ochun this year. Give Ochun thanks for your blessings once this coming year and that's it.
- Avoid going to the river this coming year to prevent accidents, drowning, misfortune and other problems occuring there. Do not give any offerings at the river this year.

3. Personal Prosperity etc.

- Make every effort to progress this year in business and other employment.
- Do not reveal your secrets or knowledge to friends, family or co-workers.
- Keep all your private matters, private. Keep all business matters private as well.
- Try to learn as much as possible from others this coming year and use to your advantage in business or other employment. Be subtle.
- This year give an offering after every blessing received, to seal the blessing and protect it. The process is: first an offering, then a blessing, then an offering again. If you receive more blessings after the last offering, give another offering again to bless it and protect it.
- Do not lend out money and do not give money away. Keep all your blessings for you and your immediate family (if married). However, pay all your debts and properly maintain your finances.

*- For those who have been advised to receive their warriors this year must do so within the first three months of the year.
- The reception of resguardos, other objects and addimu Orisa that has been previously divined must be completed as soon as possible.

4. Shango says that this year there is not sitting on the fence!

- This year is a decisive year. Those who have received blessings from Ocha must at least receive their warriors and elekes. There is no sitting on the fence. You must decide whether or not you want to adhere to the "reglas" (laws) that govern our way of life or move on with your life. This applies to all ways of life, including Palo and Ifa.
- Elders must take a stand this year and demand compliance with all reglas of our way of life.
- Junior members must continue respecting their Elders in every facet of our culture.

5. Ebo.

- Refresh your head once a month for 12 months.
- Prepare the appropriate Omiero for bathing this year. Take Omiero baths once or twice monthly.
- Warriors must be fed behind the front door. (within three months of the beginning of the year)
- For Ogun, prepare a metal chain, washed and fed with the warriors behind the front door, that will go on the floor from one end of the door to the other. This is to help prevent war from coming into our lives and reinforce your home.
- Feed Shango and Eggun white roosters this year.
- Make very sweet offering to Ochun (along side Eggun) only once this year and thank her for your blessings. That's it. (Do not visit the river this year).

In addition:

- This year requires continued attention to infectious diseases. Again, be very careful in public places and practice good hygeine.
- Be careful with accidents and misfortune at the river and near water in general.
- Continue to cook food thoroughly to avoid illness from contaminated foods.
- Keep your home, Orisa and Eggun shrines and altars and your lives as clean as possible.


The Palo and Lukumi Organization - Written and archived for website on Wednesday, December 24th, 2003.
Updated Dec. 2004 for Year 2005 with very little change.



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