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WWW.AFROCUBA.ORG is a place conceived to welcome and to develop the culture, a forum for the study, the investigation, the promotion and the development of the art, the literature, the knowledge, for the academic and institutional exchange , where is demonstrated not only the syncretism of the African and the European culture , but also the American and contemporary art . It also shows the cultural programs in Matanzas, Cuba, in Los Angeles, United States of North America and many other countries of America. It promotes the electronic trade of goods and services of the art and the culture.

  The sale of high quality AfroCuban books, videos, Associates shop with and others services and products at the AfroCuban Market Place is the beginning of a center where trades or market of goods and cultural services will take place. We hope to have the coloring, the happiness and the cordiality that everybody founds in our markets of America and the Caribbean.


A forum for the culture, the electronic trade of goods and cultural and academic services, the promotion, the exchange, the knowledge and the development. For the study of our roots, to welcome projects and cultural alternatives.





AfroCuba Anthology: Publishes articles, studies, reports, interviews about culture, religion, anthropology, ethnology, folklore.
The culture of the emotions: A cultural panorama of the present moment of the culture: plastic arts, poetry, story, music, theater, dances., museums, galleries and editorial, artists and its works.
Palo Monte Project : It is a Project for the diffusion of the Afro-Cuban culture that welcomes events, festivals, congresses, shops, seminars, art fairs.
AfroCuban Market Place: Presents Mr. Cajón,the electronic sale of a collection of wooden musical instruments, of high quality: Gua-gua, drums, bongóes, tumbadoras, batá drums: Okónkele, Itótele and Iyá.



La muchacha de la perla

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María Esther Ortiz, Edition and Culture
Rolando Estévez, Art
Darren Miles Rogholt, Mr. Cajón
Stage Of The Arts, Inc. Palo Monte project.

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