Afrocuban Anthology  







Medical Doctor degree from University of Havana, Cuba,

Speciality of Psychiatry.

Official Researcher in Transcultural Psychiatry.

Awo Oturakaa, priest of Ifa, babalawo.
Dr. Acosta had Psychotherapist Training under control of professor José
A. Bustamante O'Leary Ph.D. from 1983 to 1968. He had been Chief of Community Psychiatry of Cerro County and Chief of Psychiatry Ward at Guines Psychiatric Hospital, Havana, Cuba.

Acosta has been professor of the Psychiatry Department, University of
Habana, School of Medicine and Vice Director of Fundamental Brain Research Institute, Cuban Academy of Science.

He is member of the World Association of Social Psychiatry,

Foreign Correspondent of Peruvian Psychiatry Association.

Foreign Correspondent of Colombia Psychiatry Association.

Foreign Correspondent of Venezuela Psychiatry Association. Member of the Latin-American Psychiatric Association (APAL).

Scientific Collaborator of Fernando Ortiz Association (Non-Governmental Association) Havana, Cuba.

Member of Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine.

Dr. Acosta has presented his work and participated at:

  • The VII World Congress of Sociology, Bulgaria 1970

  • The III International Congress of Social Psychiatry, Yugoslavia 1970

  • Tthe VIII Latin American Psychiatry Congress (APAL), Mexico 1975

  • VII World Sociology Congress, Canada 1975

  • XV Colombian Psychiatry Congress, Colombia 1975

  • First Latin American Psychotherapy Congress, Peru 1976

  • IX Latin American Psychiatrist Congress (APAL) Havana, Cuba

  • as well as the First International Congress of Yoruba's Cultural Association, Cuba 1992

  • The Third Brain Death International Congress, Cuba 1992

  • The Anthopological Congress, Cuba 1992

  • The V Ibero American Symposium, Cuba 1993 and the II Congress of the Cuban Research Institute of Florida International University, US; and many other conferences and congress.