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Orestes Barrios Marañón: the thought of an enthusiast.  

By María Esther Ortiz

I dream (óleo/tela)

In the words to Catalog of the personal Exhibition “You those that enter, leave all Hope”[i ], Orestes wrote: “Nevertheless, between you like a first approach to the thought of an enthusiast, the one that looks for to walk among the golden worlds of that universe that it is the fantasy.”


Then he was twenty-nine years old. Born in Pinegrove of the River in 1963, graduated in 1983 in the National School of plastic arts and in 1987 it arrives in Matanzas, to work from then on as engraving professor in the Provincial School of Art of this county. Already in 1988 it participated in several collective exhibitions and receives several prizes in Provincial Living rooms; from that year, their works have been in numerous exhibitions in Cuba and abroad, they appear in several private collections and they have obtained significant prizes.


It is maybe in that year of 1992, when it feels that he has found an own language, structured in useful codes for the expression of their personal restlessness; a iconográfico language that doesn't abandon, but rather goes synthesizing and summing up inside the recurrent figuration in their works: the rope that holds; the parasol that rotates on an axis and it evokes the  limited movement; the ship that synthesizes adjournment, evolution, trip; the egg: genesis, creation; the die: chance, game, luck.

[i] Barrios Marañón, Orestes. Words of the Catalog of the personal exhibition “You those that enter, leave all hope”, Provincial Gallery of Art of Matanzas, 1992.


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