It is part of the work The presence of Don Fernando Ortiz in the Psychiatry Cuban Transcultural

The sociocultural level in the African countries and in Nigeria especially arrived to the development degree that allowed to conceptualize their religion and the organization of their representatives or priests, but when coming the slaves to Cuba, the flourishing Imperio Yoruba was in full decadence and together with him, the achieved religious organization; contrary to the Catholic religion in that moment that parallelly with its defined cosmovisión it had the clerical organization wich responded to its concepts and it maintained the obedience between its priests and believers before the laws of the same one. One of the Oddu, or main letter of Ifá, explains to us like it was in fact for disobedience and violation of the bequeathed laws for heaven's sake that the Yorubas was condemned to the slavery.

Therefore, they didn't bring religious organizations as such, but yes they brought their conceptions cosmovisons, which were tried to change, achieving that a phenomenon sincrétic took place that it tints strongly and forever the culture and the Cuban psychology. Nevertheless, the culture and the ancestral psychology stayed among their priests.

The religious conceptions that brought resembled each other to the Catholicism for the presence in both, like among all the religions, of myths, dogmas and magic cults.

Don Fernando Ortiz points out us, in the mentioned work that the expression religious yoruba triumphed on the other ones for several reasons: the considerable number of slaves that you/they arrived in America of such an origin, to the great progress of their theology compared with the other ones, the intense expansible force of the yorubas, the very dense of their population and to the diffusion of their language that you/they speak more than three millions of black.

It arises, therefore, the call " Santería " or Ocha, coalition Catholic yoruba with a cosmovisión, vault, Rules learned sincréticos that was practically starting from that stage the true official religion of the Cuban town.

All the contributed elements and other more than they could be pointed out they determined the Biological-psychological and Social coalition of so much interest for the study of a branch of the Psiquiatría Transcultural. The study enjundioso, acucioso and erudite of the Dr. Don Fernando Ortiz threw elements of undeniable value for the emergence of these studies in our means.

The Psiquiatría Transcultural like branch of the Social Psychiatry with their objectives, methodology and theoretical knowledge, study investigates the effects that the transculturación takes place in the mark of the mental alterations fundamentally. For any psychiatrist, but in particular for the Transculturales, it is of indispensable utility the historical knowledge from the sincretismo to which have referred, until in their most minimum details, as well as their influence in our psychiatric chore and psicoterapéutico. It is good to locate that the practical Cuban psicoterapéutica, in its beginnings guided this way by the called western civilization, maybe only kept in mind the influences of this, that is: the judeocristiana, the Greco-Roman one and the Anglo-Saxon. These three systems of values could be genesis of the controversies and wars to be different forms and to the amalgamated same time of conception of the world, the nature and system of values. Therefore, it is not only necessary to know the culture in that we are inmersos to understand our patients, but to ourselves as Psychiatrists.

Say you once and for all that the Practical Cuban Psicoterapéutica is, the same as our culture, influenced by two big trunks: the judeocristiano and the African, in particular the yoruba. We promise in the future to make some disgresiones on this influence and the Cuban Psychiatric History, their contradictions and development, it leaves of that which played us to live.

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