Afrocuban Anthology  





Dr. Israel Moliner Castañeda

Social Anthropologist, Historian, Ethno- musicologist

Milanes 77 entre Manzaneda
y Zaragoza, Matanzas, CP.40100
Matanzas. CUBA



Doctor of Historic Science - 1968. Havanna University
Doctor of Ethnomusicology- 1976. Santiago University
Masters of Popular Religion- 1985. Matanzas Theologic Seminary


University of Havanna- 1978-1986
Professor of Cuban History

Central University of Las Villas- 1985-1986
Cuban Folklore

University of Oriente- 1986-1989
Professor of Cuban Folklore

Pedagogical Superior Institute- 1988-1992
Professor of Caribbean Music

Medical Science Institute- 1985
Professor of Cuban Folklore

University of Matanzas 1994-1995
Professor of Caribbean Culture

The Evangelical Seminary of 1991

Master of Popular Religion-
San Carlos Seminary of Havanna 1992
Professor of Cuban Culture


Founder, Cuban Anthropology Society- 1995
Member, Scientific Commission of 1986
Archeology-Ethnology-Social Institute of
Ministry and Science Technology
President Popular Religion Commission 1993-present

His scholarly Achievements include:
Collaborative efforts concerned with folklife at the
Anthropology Department, John Hopkins
University, Baltimore, Md.

In collaboration with Gladys Guttierrez,
Founded Olokum, a Center for the Study,
Preservation and distribution of Afro-Cuban
Culture in Matanzas. (1995), A Non-
Governmental Institution.

Principal Investigator -Afro Cuban Anthropology
an on-line Academic Journal (in-preparation).

Founder, the forum for Fernando Ortiz- A forum
For scholars and Researchers devoted to examing African
values in Cuban Cultural (1976).

Founders, Festival of Rumba and Drums in Matanzas

Colloquium for Magic and Religious Systems in Cuban
Culture at the Caribbean House in Santiago de Cuban
Bob Maley, Music Workshop for the International
Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba.


"Theater and Music in Matazas." (1979)
Department of Culture, Matanzas

"Slaves Sublevations in Matazas." (1986)
Central University Las Villas

"The Danzon." (1987)
Department of Culture, Matanzas

"The Hispanic Elements in the Matanzas' Popular Culture." (1988)
Department of Culture, Matanzas

Religions and Beliefs in the Caribbean". (1990)


Cubas' Black Gods.
The Drum's Proscribe Culture.
Afroamerican Religions.
The Popular Catholic Belief in Cuba.
The Perfect Time for Death

(Revised, 1/2000)